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January 3, 2015 / By Groupa Concrete

Are you a homeowner, concrete contractor, or construction enthusiast?

This blog will tie together one common theme, and that’s creating sustainable projects for us all to enjoy. In 2014, we had an excellent year with many exciting and unique projects. Other homeowners and building professionals wanted to know how we completed our work and gave it Canada’s longest running warranty in the process.

For concrete contractors and builders looking to gain more insightful knowledge, you’ve landed on the right site. From aggregates to sealing and excavation to pouring, Groupa Concrete is excited to share the trades latest improvements that live up to our work.

Home owners, we know it’s difficult to understand what will be happening at your property as workers begin a fast pace process of completion. This blog will allow you to educate yourself on the fundamentals that ensure you can be your own quality inspector in the making.

Without further explanation, let’s get to it and begin our journey through 2015 together. For convenient viewing on your social feed, be sure to like Groupa Concrete on Facebook.