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May 23, 2017 / By Groupa Concrete

As the warm season approaches, home owners may find themselves either in need of freshening up their existing concrete job around their pool, or adding one in to combat the hot summer days ahead. Though the choice may seem simple to some, there are still factors to consider when selecting the type of job that best suits the home owner’s lifestyle.

One thing to consider is the amount of maintenance (after installation) one is willing to do in order to upkeep the concrete. Stamped concrete, while more elegant, requires a slightly higher level of care than its brush-finished counterpart. It must be sealed every 2-3 years, though the process is simple and our professionals at Groupa Concrete are well equipped to do the job.

There is also the question of slip resistance. Broom-finish, unlike stamped concrete, has a natural texture to it, but slip resistant coating can be added to stamped concrete to prevent any accidents which could potentially occur.

Another alternative to these is aggregate concrete or, as it is sometimes called, exposed aggregate, and is known for creating ornate patterns.

No matter which option you decide to go with, Groupa Concrete is able to provide services for all three. To price out your project, contact us today to set up an appointment.