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August 19, 2016 / By Groupa Concrete

Glass panel railing systems can create a modern look to your patio or deck while opening view and space. While glass deck railings are visually appealing and durable, it is not always a match for every outdoor living space. It is important therefore to examine the pros and cons of installing a glass deck railing.


High visual appeal: There is no denying that the clean and modern look of glass railings can be compared to any other deck railing system.

Unobstructed views: As a property owner, you will get the most of your view if your deck or patio will have glass railings, provided they are completely transparent.

The design versatility: Due to the nature of glass appearing neat and finished, you can combine multiple design features without it looking untidy, giving you greater flexibility with what to do on your deck or patio.

The solid wall structure creates a barrier around the perimeter of your deck: Glass makes a solid barrier between the wood deck posts or glass balusters and the ground, which is handy in preventing loss and breakage of small objects.

The durability: The majority of glass railings are made from one-quarter inch thick tempered glass, which makes it very unlikely to break or crack under normal everyday use.


The price: Glass railing systems are among the most expensive options, going at $200 to $400 per linear foot. However due to the amount of benefits they give to homeowners, its not surprise why.

The maintenance: Like windows, glass railings are prone to getting dirty and require more maintenance in order to be kept looking their greatest.