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May 2, 2017 / By Groupa Concrete

Home owners are often faced with a dilemma of whether or not investing into a stamped concrete patio is worth it. While one should consider whether or not it is best suited for your needs before leaping into the decision, you will find that with the versatility and durability of concrete, the sky is virtually the limit.

Stamped concrete or decorative concrete as it is sometimes referred to as, is concrete which has been embossed with a pattern and can have colour added to it to resemble stone.

One of the big factors as to why people have been choosing to do stamped concrete is the ROI (return on investment). Initial stamped concrete costs will be higher than a wooden deck for example, however, over time the property owner will find that the value of the patio will not decrease as quickly, adding to the value of the property.

Another reason many people choose stamped concrete is due to lower maintenance than is needed with a wooden deck. Concrete will last longer than wood and aside from the sealing which needs to be performed every 2- 3 years as well as regular hosing down, there isn’t much that it requires. The durability of concrete also means it is more resistant to damage than wood. It is also much easier to install and less time constraining than other alternatives.

Groupa Concrete also offers its own custom concrete mix called Groupamix35© which allows us to offer one of the highest warranties in Ontario of up to 5 years. To learn more about the possibility of realizing your own stamped concrete patio, contact our sales team today.