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May 25, 2017 / By Groupa Concrete

Potholes are a familiar sight all across Ontario, especially after winter. Their appearance after the cold months, snow plowing and salting, leads in turn to an endless cycle of seek out and repair or worst, road closures, complete demolition and replacement. With all the advances in human technology the question then stands as to why asphalt continues to be the staple of North American roadways/driveways and why it has not been replaced with another more stable alternative, concrete.

The largest factor in the decision to use asphalt over concrete is the cost involved with initial installation. Concrete is more expensive when being laid down ranging around $12 per square foot while asphalt comes in around $4. While this may seem like a lot in the short term, concrete has a longer lifespan.

In addition to this, concrete is lower maintenance and does not need to be resealed in warmer weather, unlike asphalt which has a tendency to soften in heat and sunlight. Stamped concrete does require sealing every few years which our team of professionals and Groupa Concrete is capable of doing, however there is very little which can compare to it on a visual scale.

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